Financial Planning

FP Link provides a comprehensive range of Financial Planning services such as all types of insurance, Real Estate, Inheritance planning and business management consulting. No matter what your needs may be, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tax, Inheritance Consulting

In coordination with Tax Advisers, we assist in all stages from tax plan formulation to execution of the many various tax strategies we encounter. We also specialize in the development of inheritance plans, the buying, selling and effective utilization of real estate, retirement compensation and all other strategic tax planning.


Total Life Planning

We offer Financial Planning services for our clients, so they may enjoy a fulfilled life. Total Life Planning  by accurately understanding our clients' needs, we formulate a comprehensive plan covering the income-expense balance, insurance revision, asset management, real estate, and taxation.


Insurance Consulting

When was the last time you revised your insurance coverage?
Over 70% of clients for whom we have revised their insurance situation have seen efficiencies in their coverage.
Irrespective of which insurer, we reassess clients' level of indemnity, and assist in offering suitable advice and practical support. When lending to a company, interest earned is taxed at the aggregate rate, however the interest received by owners of corporate bonds only requires a 20% withholding tax by the issuer. Please contact us today for your obligation-free consultation.




Please enquire should you be interested in any of our services or seminars. We will endeavor to offer the best solutions to your needs.



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